Friday, April 19, 2013

A Snowy Aprl Morn!

the snowflakes are blowing across my window
as I take this picture.
Well, Spring is taking a back seat today!  It is very Snowy Here in my part of the world, Hudson WI!  There is about 3-4 inches of very heavy, icy, and snowy snow in my driveway waiting to be plowed out today. So today I am here at home blogging instead of being with my ASG Group on my way to SR Harris fabric warehouse in Brooklyn Park MN.  I was looking forward to meeting my friends there to check out all the goodies they have, shop a little, laugh a lot, and lunch together today.  I think this will have to be postponed till another day.  Here is a view from my window.  Glad I am not outside it s snowing hard right now and the wind is blowing making it seem like a mini blizzard.  Yesterday when it was raining a mix of snow, ice and rain the poor birds were flying back and forth trying to keep the ice off their wings.  Today I hope they found shelter under the snowy branches of the pines that line my back yard.

Snow on the trees in my backyard

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