Sunday, April 14, 2013

And I Thought it was Spring!

Spring 2012 at Heritage Greens
Here it is April 14th 2013 already - Where is Spring?  I woke up this morning feeling hopeful and energetic.  I looked out my window! Oh NO! snow flakes falling, snow on the ground.  Now looking out my window the sky is gray and a moderate rain/snow mix is coming down..... Spring is sure taking a back seat today.  I still feel hopeful, I think I have spring fever! LOL I'm online - Pintrest and I see some great photos and quilt blocks that remind me of spring.  Green grass, flowers, lovely gardens, then I look out my patio window and its GREY out there.  Inside I feel spring like, I think I will close my window shades and keep that spring like feeling going throughout my day.   So I will take another look on Pintrest for things that remind me of SPRING!  Hope you enjoy my SPRING picture from last year. 

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