Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vacation time is over :{

I had an awesome vacation time.  I left June 24th to take a road trip back to NY to see my Brother's Eddie & Bobby.  My youngest daughter Elizabeth and my granddaughter Zuri came with me.  Zuri spent her time in NY with her Aunt Rose and visited with her cousins and brother.  Elizabeth went to NYC twice by train and enjoyed time with her cousins.  I relaxed at my brother Ed's House, took a ride in his RV, and enjoyed visiting with family.  Elizabeth and I were able to attend my Niece Kimberly's Wedding last Saturday in Yorktown Hgts.  It was an unrelievedly beautiful day, the bride was beautiful and the reception great!  I also got to go to a great Italian Restaurant in Fishkill NY Avanti's.  Great food, great company!  I drove down to Elmsford NY with Elizabeth and was able to show her where I grew up.  There was nothing left of the place, the house was torn down and the property overgrown with weeds and trees.  I did a little reminiscing - I pointed out the large rock I used as a reading place and the area where her grandpa use to garden.  I also showed her the overgrown driveway that my brothers and I used to sleigh ride down, and the area that Grandpa Hess had built a well and were my Husband and Uncle laid down pipes for running water. Great memories.  I drove up to my old High School - took a lot of pictures of it.  Then drove into downtown White Plains, which I did not recognize at all.  Beth and I stopped in a  Deli/Café and had lunch.  She had a turkey sandwich and I got a pastrami.  Yum! 

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