Monday, January 23, 2012

January is almost over!

Hello again, Janurary is more than half gone.  I feel like I have lost 3 weeks of productive creative time.  I began the New Year with a cold - ended up with pnuemonia and before I knew it 2 1/2 weeks had passed by before I felt up to doing any of my creative projects.  I finally went to my weekly Quilitng class this Saturday.  Friday I visited my local Quilt shop to get my creative juices flowing.  I picked up a great quilt pattern and fabric to start - called Civil War Sampler, a reproducton Quilt from Karen Witt of  I am looking forward to starting it. 

1st I do need to finish the quilt I am making for my daughter Beth - I wanted to have it finished by the end of this month - The quilt top is almost pieced together and then I need to layer it and then I can have fun quilting the top...something I do not want to rush on since I want her to have this quilt for a long time and I want it to be my best effort for her.  I am hoping to start working on it this coming week.

Thursday was my 1st day back in my sewing room - I spent the morning putting away fabrics that I had left over from my sewing project for Christmas.  I folded and re-organized my fabric stash - just enjoying the colors and patterns.  Getting back into the Swing of things.  I also worked on some small blocks for my quilting class to be used for the womens sale next fall using fabrics from our stash at church.  I chose some green patterned fabric to make a churn-dash block.  I would like to use a red for the borders but maybe brown would go better. 

Startng with little projects will help me get back into the swing of it and help me to focus better so I can finish my quilt for my daughter.  I am so glad I am over that pnuemonia - I can finally breath better and my cough is gone....Darn winter colds.... I have decided to slow down a bit - since the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas had been so hectic.  I will keep you all updated with pictures of my projects as I go and my UFO's as I finish them.  So by next Christmas I should have my Christmas Wall Hanging done. LOL.

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