Monday, July 23, 2012

what a frustrating morning!

Wow it has been a frustrating morning and it's not even noon yet.  I have been trying to sign into one of my debit cart accts but forgot my username or password.  well after several try's and checking my email to help link up my account several times. no email has come thru...well I called the bank and now it will be 48 hrs before  I can reset anything because they have to check out why I am not reciving any emails from them. 
Then - on Sat I got gas and was double charged for my purchase so I called the gas company and they said that the 1st charge was voided and it should be showing up on my card but my card is telling me i was charged twice so my balance is low.  well we called the card co and the gas co is going to fax over info so hopefully I will be able to use my card with the $ released back to me.  after all $32 is a lot of money to be paid twice for gas.   so that might take another 48 hrs to resolve.... Oh! Boy!  

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