Friday, November 30, 2012

Can't sleep tonight!

Here it is 2am in the morning and I can't sleep.  I got some very good news from my spine specialist.  I don't need surgery at this time since my leg and back pain have improved after having the steroid shot in my back 6 weeks ago and strength has gotten better in my R leg.  I was not looking forward to surgery so close to my Shoulder replacement surgery in late August.  I am so glad I opted for the steroid shot in my back in October.  My Shoulder continues to get stronger daily and I am back to working in my Studio - quilting and sewing and organizing. 
Yesterday morning while reading an old quilting magazine, American Patchwork & Quilting,  I found a pattern for a small wall hanging that would be ideal for spring.  It is called "Nature's Beauty" by Designer Carol Armstrong.   She also has a book out that I want to read.  I think I will see if it is available in the Library downtown.


  1. Hi Diane, I'm so happy for your improved health and no surgery, that is wonderful news!!!!

    This quilt is darling - thanks for sharing. I love the color palette.

    1. Thank you Meg. Yes I am so grateful that I do not need surgery at this time. Now I can concentrate on enjoying the Holiday Season and look forward to the new year.
      I did look up her books on Amazon and EBay and did order them to put in my reference library. In the meantime I went to my local library and put them on hold. Hope all is well with you - how is the pattern making going? Any new classes coming up.