Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sleep study finished

Here it is Thursday am and I am home sitting here at the computer, sleepy with my hair full of gunk and trying to decide if I am going to shower 1st and then lay down or sleep 1st & then shower....I think the 2nd option is what I will do, I am SO sleepy so I will get a small towel to lay over my pillow and crawl into my comfy bed and nap till noon or so if i want. 
Just finished up a sleep study and added another diagnosis to my long an growing list this year,  LOL, I have sleep apnea and need to get a CPAP - Oh well....I guess that will be OK - just another thing to lug around when I travel.  so I will say Nap time for now and talk to you all later. LOL - Momo

PS - I did stop at Perkins an had a good breakfast before coming home so I did not miss breakfast, Yea!
Q.-1 what would you have done in this situation?
Q -2 what are you doing today to take care of yourself?
Love to hear your thoughts. 

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