Thursday, January 10, 2013

Photos of Pillows on my Bed

 I kept the large Silky Brown Pillow Shams and gave away the comforter, The smaller brown pillow was from a thrift store and the Pink Pillow is a pink pillowcase with a great border embroidery that I pinned over a pillow form to showcase the edge.
These are some of the pillows on my Bed

I call this one Lace, Ribbon and Rose's  It is a pillowcase from Penny's with a fancy lace edge folded
over a sofa pillow and tied with Ribbon and a silk rose added.  

This Rose Pillow was bought at Goodwill Thrift Store 

I couldn't resist this cross stitched Pillow "Home Sweet Home"
bought several years ago for $25 at Target.  A splurge I know
but I love its lacy sweetness

This is the Yummy lace on my Lace, Ribbon & Rose's
Pillow above - I am so glad I bought 2 sets of this pillow case. 

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