Saturday, January 12, 2013

Scrapbooking, another challange for this year!

Scrapbooking Project 2013 January

Wow it is already the 12th of Jan and I am just getting to checking out this email from Connie Prince.  I have been so caught up with quilting that I am ignoring other fun stuff I love to do.   I think my 1st project I had planned was to scrapbook those family photos & cards that arrive at Christmas time.  and I like these little prompts so I think I will try to fit this into my life.  at least to gather the pictures etc.. and do some digital scrapbooking.... 

Mmmmm So. # 1 this year I want to accomplish Lovely finishes for 2013 with my quilting projects. and I have started to catalog them and have joined an online group to help with it. 
Jan - my Piano Runner  - I have been taking many pictures to place on my Blog and flickr so why not a page of photos that would let me see visably just what I have to do....! 

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